When you want to improve the communication skills of your employees…

Our training programs can help your employees polish their communication skills with humor, hands-on exercises, and help for everyday assignments. Here are some of our workshops:

They Went That-a-Way: Leading Your Audience to Act
Most successful communications are really instructions in disguise—from love letters to company brochures. Find out how to make your own communications more instructive in this hands-on workshop that includes Origami, fun exercises, and great examples. You’ll learn:

  • How to turn your communications into blueprints for action with your customers, co-workers, and even your kids.
  • The six building blocks that make an instruction easy to follow.
  • Techniques of great instruction-givers that will transform your own communications.

Architecture of Information: Building to Engage Reader
The single biggest reason our messages don’t get through is they aren’t presented in a meaningful form. This program will give the basics of how to organize information for maximum impact. Techniques of information design can be used to improve proposals and reports, as well as newsletters, brochures, and Web copy. You’ll learn:

  • The five ways to organize anything from kitchen drawers to annual reports—and how to choose the right one.
  • Pre-writing techniques that dramatically shorten writing time and reduce wasted effort.
  • Alternative structures to make your message stand out.

Kickstart Your Writing with Better Story Ideas
Have you ever wondered where bowling balls come from, whether the president of IBM knows how to use a computer, or what you can find in the Yellow Pages beyond phone numbers and addresses? Use your curiosity to create stories that readers will never forget. You’ll learn:

  • Eight ways to hone your story-detecting skills and have more fun in the process.
  • Research tips that will make it easier for you to write the story.
  • Formulas for turning tired ideas into treasures with new formats for information.

Software Secrets that Can Make You a Better WriterHiding in the word-processing software you use every day are features that can dramatically improve your writing. Learn how to tap into them to make your prose more readable, inviting, and lively from someone who has been using Microsoft Word since Bill Gates was still answering the tech support line. You’ll learn:

  • How to rate your work for readability and set appropriate benchmarks for your audience.
  • Quick tricks to increase reading ease.
  • How to use style tags and table of contents to better organize your work.

Pitch It, Sell It: How to Make Writing Your Day Job
If you think that it’s impossible to make a living as a writer, take this workshop. It will help you take the “free” out of free-lance. You’ll learn about what’s way more important to success than your writing ability; how to narrow your beat and expand your horizons; and make editors beg for your work or at least return your phone calls. This workshop will help you find the right markets to target and make your stories more sellable. You’ll also get a list of 164 publications that pay more than $1/word. You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid making the three mistakes that separate amateur writers from the pros.
  • How your hobby can become a revenue stream.
  • How to argue your way to higher fees with a novel formula that will also impress editors with your editorial savvy.

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